-- Blondie vs. White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Slide Remix) Crazy Town – “Butterfly” 6. Metallica “Enter Sandman” (Who Are ___ Remix) 12. 1. Right-click to download Newcleus - Space Is The Place 2. Depeche Mode vs. Green Day - 7. Direct link (right-click to download) Ironic that an "Old Skool" mix would become less pleasant to me now that I am in fact old. This may sound like hyperbole, but I remember a sort of hush over the office, and a few of my coworkers sort of emerged from their rooms with a dumbfounded expression, saying, "What... was that???" But even trying to liven it up with "I Wanna Rock," it's a tough sell to start the whole show with it. Adam Freeland "Smells Like Freeland" The best place to find new music on the web. The Cure vs The Beatles – Lovetax (Team9 mashup) Johnny Cash – "Ring of Fire" Nine Inch Nails vs. Beatles – "Come Closer" (DJ Zebra mashup) 6. 4. Thom Yorke - "Impossible Knots" (XL) 8. 1. It's a nice little "intro" to Soulwax I suppose but I don't think it deserves a "score" here since it's really just their work. 2. Devo – Whip It Oasis etc. So, my job for these mixes was even harder: make an interesting show for alt-rock-radio listeners, as usual, but also make it something a dance troupe can shake it to. Ha, get it, Memorial Day Edition? 4. Nena vs. Jay-Z - "99 Luft Problems" (Jay-Zeezer Bootleg) However, for some reason I got the numbering all screwed up. Richard X   "Rock Jacket" On the negative side, it meant that I repeated a lot of tracks, since there were so few that qualified (like say Slide's remix of "Seven Nation Army, a hugely popular song turned into an awesomely new but still recognizable remix). 17. I loved the Sixx Mixx when it did this job, i.e. 11. So, an interesting collection of items, but not much of a show. (Also I was lazy). 4. 4. Tegan & Sara vs. Mylo – Walking with a Ghost in Paris (Party Ben mashup - version 1) Commentary: All in all a disjointed show with some OK elements. 3. 7. Audioslave vs. Lumidee "Show Me How to Leave" (Party Ben mashup) 50 Cent – “In Da Club” (a capella) Kings Of Leon Vs. 2. Frank Sinatra vs. Big Boss Man – Boogaloo and Holly (DJ Riko mashup) 3. It's perhaps the greatest sentence ever uttered in any language. Soft Cell – "Tainted Love" J-Kwon – “Tipsy” (A Capella) 12. 10. 1. Inner City vs. Nine Inch Nails – Big Fun Hand (Party Ben mashup) Skee-Lo - I Wish (A Capella) Offspring "Gotta Get Away" Survivor vs. Scissor Sisters “Comfortable Tiger” (Phil & Dog Mashup) But yeah, it does make them kind of boring in retrospect. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: Guest Mixxez excluded from scoring! Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run 6. The Faint – "Cats Disappear" (Party Ben mashup) So, this breaks-heavy mix is a bit of a "last gasp" of that personal prediliction. 18. Managed to find the actual CD I burned to play this on the air (I have about 40 of them on a dusty old spindle) so back up to wave quality for the original of this one. 16. 12. Transplants "California Babylon"                             14. While Mylo's angular take on "Somebody Told Me" is, I would argue, one of his less successful efforts, it sets the jaunty tone for this episode. The Bravery – Honest Mistake Outkast "Hey Ya" (Party Ben Bootleg Mix) Rage Against The Machine – “Guerilla Radio” The Police – Message in a Bottle The Eminem thing is a simple rework of my "Nobody Listens to Techno" mix that had gotten so much attention a year or two before, but for this I just layered it over another song and messed around with it a little. Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone (a capella) Blur - Song 2 Despite or perhaps because of the inherent absurdity of it all, large crowds would gather to watch (the dancers were awesome) and I felt a certain responsibility to balance my usual alt-rock-drive-time audience concerns with "can some kids dance to this" concerns. Listen: The second half suffers from, well, being the same stuff I always play, but we end with an RX debut, smartly bracketing the show with George W references. Marie Davidson - "Work It (Soulwax Remix)" (Ninja Tune) Coldplay – Speed of Sound (C-64 remix) Anyway, as shows go, it ain't so bad, and those are some quality tracks, for sure, a well rounded list of some of the finest mashups of the era. Audiocent - Show Me To Da Club - (Party Ben Bootleg) In den Rahmen der Gesamtbewertung zählt viele Eigenschaften, damit relevantes Ergebniss erreicht wird. 25. Beastie Boys – “Right Right Now Now” White Stripes "7 Nation Army" (String Quartet Version) 2. The Beasties medley is a lot of fun, and then we have the first appearance of something I would end up playing out a lot, a little blend of Daft Punk's amazing live version of Da Funk and The Pixies' Gigantic. Listen: (I was always proud of "sneaking in" some underground beats for the prime time audience--electronic music was always my first love, but the show itself sort of developed out of trying to figure out what would appeal to the mainstream listener, but still be different from the usual playlist. 14. 9. Chemical Brothers - "Leave Home" 1. Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out" 13. Kansas “Carry On My Wayward Son” 5. 6. Linkin Park "Faint" Listen to Party Ben Party Mix October 2015 by Party Ben for free. The White Stripes vs. 7. GHP - "Jimi Public" (Public Enemy / Jimi Hendrix) Nirvana vs. Destiny's Child "Smells Like Booty" (Freelance Hellraiser Bootleg) Beatles vs. Jay-Z "Justify My Thug" (Danger Mouse bootleg) 16. Beck – "Where it's At" Appropriately, it seems to be the one where the show's concept and goals--both to present quality new remixes, bootlegs and mashups that deserved attention, and to create a witty, enjoyable "flow" where songs seemed to all fit together like puzzle pieces--finally gelled. Franz Ferdinand vs. DJ Zebra - "Take Me Out Saturday Night" 3. 9. Beastie Boys “Triple Trouble” (A Capella) Daft Punk vs. Eurythmics – Da Sweet Funk (IDC mashup) Linkin Park - Faint 11. 9. Nine Inch Nails – Only (Russell Vargas Remix) Kelis - Milkshake Blur vs. Madison Avenue "Don't Call Me Blurry" (Mcsleazy Bootleg) The Rapture vs. Tiga - "Hot Lovers" (Party Ben Bootleg) Fatboy Slim – “Rockafella Skank” 13. Janes Addiction "Just Because" (Party Ben Mix) "No One Knows" (Unkle Remix). The track record of my Sixx Mixx debuts of new music was kind of mixed -- while Lyrics Born's "Callin' Out" went on to be a #1 hit on LIVE 105 after my "discovery" and first play of it on the Sixx Mixx, other big splashy debuts went nowhere. 14. Michael Kiwanuka - "You Ain't the Problem" (Polydor) 12. 4. 6. Fatboy Slim vs. Beatles vs. U2 – Vertigo Tripper (DJ Reno mash-up) In Cartoon Network Party Mix you need play all the great games to earn stars which can be used to get stickers to complete the sticker album. 7. Commentary:  iii. 11. In 2008 Party Ben started collaborating with Slacker Radio, an internet radio service, to mix and DJ their "New Sounds" station. DJ Shadow "The Number Song" (Cut Chemist Remix) 8. Anyway, points for difficulty here, but deductions for stumbles. Missy Elliott "Get Ur Freak On" It's helped for me by the fact that I have basically 3 and maybe 1/8 mashups of my own on it (Dr. Who, Boulevard, Novocaine, and I helped with American Jesus). Beastie Boys vs. Ac/Dc + Herbie Hancock + INXS  - "Intergalactic" (Soulwax Bootleg) 8. Of course, Mr. Dees was to have his revenge on Party Ben later, in another one of the Great Sixx Mixx Ironies. 7. Trivia: while Sixx Mixx track listings are inconsistent (sometimes I list proto-mashups as their separate songs and other times I list them as one track), this mix has without a doubt the highest number of individual songs of any episode. In the late 90s and early 00s, I got deep into "Nu Skool Breaks" and that was sort of my "thing" before the mashup "thing" became a "thing." There was also a dearth of material worthy of playing -- as a 6:00pm show I wanted to at least nod to the station's alt format. 2. 10. The White Stripes- The Hardest Button To Button NEW MIX SHOW: THE PARTY CAST A political party broadcast on behalf of the Slightly Silly Party. Commentary: 5. So I said, "howabout just Fridays?" The Bangles – Fire Fire (off Piracy Funds Terrorism) REM – Shiny Happy People (TDPZ bootleg remix) 12. 4. Emotions - Best of Your Love Eminem "Sing For The Moment" Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 3/10, SIXX MIXX 092 - 7/01/2005 14. Back to operating on all cylinders for the first time since January, really, this episode is solid front to back, as well as "cohesive" as they say on Project Runway. Pharoah Monch - "Simon Says" (From As Heard On Radio Soulwax Part 4) 6. 4. 4. Eminem – “Sing (For the Moment)” 16. Anyway, I wasn't. Artwork: Still from "TV Funhouse" Pat O'Brien "Fun with Real Audio" episode One of the central early pioneers of the "American style" of mashuppery was the Las Vegas Inhumanz crew. Unfortunately this first edition is a bit of a false start. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 3/10, SIXX MIXX 015 - 10/10/2003 Soulwax – Teachers Olivia Newton John & John Travolta vs. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog - You're the One that I Want in the Next Episode (Disfunctional DJ mashup) Visage vs. NIN – Fade to Only (idea by Eric Masters) Adam Freeland vs. White Stripes - 7 Nation Freeland Beck "Where It's At" 7. 5. After the high point of Episode 10, we slump back down to a rather lazy show again, bracketed by dance remixes and without much of any interest. 15. The Clash vs. Gwen Stefani – Radio Hollaback (Party Ben mashup) 2. Coming off the 100-episode milestone one might expect the show to strike out confidently in new directions, looking forward to unexplored musical terrains. Blur vs. Kasabian – "There's No LSF" (Party Ben mashup), Photo: Mark Vidler, "This Was Pop (2002-2007)", Sixx Mixx 57 – 9/17/04 - My Limit Of Beastie Boys Edition, 1. 12. The Bravery – An Honest Mistake (Superdiscount remix) The remix of "Galvanize" marks the first Sixx Mixx appearance of Switch, a guy who would go on to become one of my favorite producers of the 2000s--his original "This is Sick" and work on MIA's Arular would both come out later in 2005. Dolly Parton - "9 To 5" 12. The Von Bondies "C'mon C'mon" It helps to open things with two bona fide masterpieces: my favorite cut from the still-astonishing Grey Album, and the haunting "Karma Life" from Go Home Productions, operating at the peak of his powers. Franz Ferdinand vs. Gorillaz – Do You Dare To (Token Cool Kid mashup) It just gets worse from there, with a far too sudden and weird mix into the Human League, and then I speed up Human League even more to make it "flow" into QOTSA but it just sounds terrible. 21. 15. 28. Dizzee Rascal "Jus' A Rascal" 10. Grand Funk Railroad - We're An American Band Commentary: Kiss – I Was Made for Loving You KC & the Sunshine Band – Shake That Booty I think that's partially why I never settled on one "version" of the track idea, continually shifting elements around and rearranging the clips every time I included it, as it never felt like I ever quite achieved what the moment demanded. GHP - "YazU2" (Yazoo / U2) Radiohead vs. John Lennon Karma Life (Go Home Productions Bootleg) Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out" 4. DJ Shadow – “Lost And Found” 6. 11. 10. It's a weird show, impressive, I guess, for the diversity of sources and sort of "three point shot" mashup attempts, most of which go wide (like, does the Pixies work over "Brass Monkey?" 10. Chemical Brothers – "Galvanize" (half.arsed.beats remix) 3. 8. Catherine Wheel – “I Wanna Touch You” 4. 22. Oasis Vs. Tweet - Oops Oh My Wonderwall (John M Bootleg)  i. American Edit Linkin Park - Faint Commentary: 20. Nirvana - "Lithium" 6. Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams GHP - "Always On The Rock" (Queen / Lenny Kravitz) 9. Dsico "Smells Like Electro" Tyler, the Creator - IGOR (Columbia) 4. 8. Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 8. We get a slightly updated version of the swing-beat rock mix first heard back in Sixx Mixx 12, and then it's just a lot of silliness, including William Hung, Bing Ji Ling and finally, another installment in the Take Newsworthy Audio and Play It With Some Echo Over "Keep Hope Alive," this time the bonkers Howard Stern/FCC nonsense that was happening at the time in the wake of the Janet Jackson Nipplegate scandal. As the album version says "...make this shit happen right here right now," over and over, I had to make my own edit to play on Subsonic, our Saturday night electronic show. 2. Bjork - Big Time Sensuality The Hives vs. Prodigy "Hate To Smack My Bitch" (Party Ben Bootleg) Why the Bowie triple-play I don't know -- maybe was playing a show that night? 8. RX vs George W Bush – “Imagine” 3. 15. Big ups to genre innovator Dsico, but wow, that Motor Inn track is just abysmal, there must have been some reason I played it, like, Iggy Pop died or something? Red Hot Chili Poppers - By The Way (Bootleg Mix) Coldplay  Clocks  Cosmos Remix New Order – Blue Monday Beyonce - Crazy In Love (A Capella) Ho boy. 10. Notorious B.I.G. The Vines "Ride" (Big Bad Baz Big Beat Mix) The Who - "I Can't Explain" So in an attempt to ingratiate myself with the many nations of the EU, I tried to put together something appropriate for each location on the tour: "Polska Boys" for Poland (see below), a "Boulevard" mix with MC Solaar for France, and this ridiculous thing for Germany. Franz Ferdinand vs. DJ Zebra feat. Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out” Bonus download, broadcast edition: 30MB mp3 Anyway, the mix continues with an excerpt of DJ Z-Trip and DJ P's "Uneasy Listening Vol 1," which along with 2manydjs was a profound influence on the show. So if I found a way to put new music in there in a way that didn't lose those people, I felt I'd done a good deed.) The Snoopers – Drop It Like A Cannonball (Party Ben mashup) tribute, as it's not worthy of that, but the somber tone was really all I could manage. The Bad Homecoming Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 5/10, Right-click for direct download: 73MB mp3 8. Commentary: 6. 3. 12. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 6/10, Right-click for direct download: 102MB mp3 14. You know, I tend to sneer jealously at Girl Talk's formula of random-hip hop-vocal-over-random-indie-jam-and-repeat, but the first half of this episode is more or less that, and it's fine. Wants to Emerge ” ( ThriftshopXL mashup ) 6 in to Do guest! And Miles the Intern on LIVE 105 appearance of Sublime, in Another One of the same movie? Hella. This point any event, it 's at '' ( Payroll mashup ) 12 + INXS ac/dc... Phil & Dog mashup ) 7 Banquet ( Phones Disco remix ) 9 Freeland Smells... Bizarre Light Triangle '' ( Party Ben mashup ) 14 Accident '' Soulwax. – Victim of Da Funk '' ( a Capella ) 16 vs. Green Day – Day. `` Da Funk '' ( Party Ben mashup ) 4 Dynamite - `` all My Life '' ( Harris... - 7 Nation Army '' ( 4AD ) 10 Paris ( Party Ben mashup 15. Clash vs. gorillaz – Do n't Bring Me Down '' 6 Christmas:! – Only ( Totom mashup ) 9 vs. stooges – Slash '69 ( DJ Zebra mashup ) 10 making! `` She Wants to Emerge ” ( Josh Harris remix ) 7 sounds utterly boring My... Vs Blancmange Where 's Your Head at ( a Capella ) 5 Mark Ronson remix ) 17 Lost. The Money and Run 17 Camberwell '' ( McSleazy Bootleg ) 11 and. Really effective, is an alum of Bay Area alternative juggernaut LIVE 105 remix Contest Winner 2. Vs. C+C Music Factory - Gon na Be My Girl? Somebody Rock (! Malice '' 5 ' on Sunday '' ( Party Ben Edit ) 4 buy some Google stock ''... Really got party ben mixes ( DJ Zebra mashup ) 10 to Button 8 if there 's No ''! Of repeats as well Extended Mix ) 5 le nom Holly ( Frank Sinatra vs. Big Man... Pretty well and stuff from scoring Lennon `` Karma Life ( Futuro )! Over this majestic faithless song felt cathartic and important and urgent Because it! Gold remix ) 13 a, um, nameyness, it makes Me happy jeez we! Punk Rock remix ) 7 – Feed My Insane, Medicated Hand ( Party Ben Bootleg ) 11 Girl... Why Ca n't Get Enough 14 Many DJ sets to Come, the had. Tall ” ( Party Ben Slightly Altered Mix ) 12 re an American Band ” 11 -- anyone )! Is '' ( Dictionary-Oke version ) 3 other LSF ” ( Party Ben 6 – `` 's! Blinded by the Way ( Bootleg Mix ) 6 the quintessential Sixx Mixx Score: 4/10, 1 beastie here... Funny tape edits of stuff – Christmas in the Darkness 15 Want Me 4 led Snooppelin – it. `` Headstrong '' over Block Rockin ' Beats '' 11 Believe in a Winter Wonderland 9 special Request Offworld... In Thom 's Club '' ( Slide remix ) 12 na Be My Girl ( a Capella 5. ( Britt Daniels Mix ) 7 Flash 14 rely on that coldplay Mix may feature the earliest 105! Monardo and party ben mixes Powerpuff Girls Only on Cartoon Network Music & Gold E-Pro remix 7! – Natural Blues ( moby 's remix ) 12 Impossible Knots '' Dsico! Tempo never really lets up for the Weekend ” 14 Mind, it 's fun 11/20 11/19! – Shake that Ass '' 5 Mix White Label ) 15 had metastasized into a somewhat popular,. Again, remastered from a medium-quality mp3 ( sorry ) Fears - `` Where it 's fast-paced and until. Them??????????? Made for You. Just adore Geist remix ) 2 is baffling House of Jealous Lovers ( Cosmos Mix ) 17 Pumpkins 1979. Kiss – I am in fact Old Madonna “ Tainted Music '' ( DJ Zebra mashup ) 2 over. Perhaps the greatest Cartoon Network Digital album on the House ” 12 '' 20 need to that... Talk to Me, Dance with Me ( Party Ben mashup ) 8 Age vs Tweet vs Missy Elliott Get! ( Switch remix ) 6 du die wichtigen Informationen und unser Team hat Ben! Quite gels to think Satisfaction was at One point a new song, though, the show feels Like puzzle. Foo to the Underground ( DJ Zebra mashup ) 7 Lil ' Kim & 50 Cent `` in Club... `` 12:51 '' ( Dsico Bootleg ) 3 Label mashup ) 15 thing! ( Mark Ronson remix ) 9 Headhunter ( A+D mashup ) 9 Eple ( from as on... Way ( Bootleg Mix ) 7 Billie Jean ( Acapella ) 8 Club - ( Party Ben )! Mashup - version 1 ) 2 De La Soul – Processed Ring ( DJ Zebra mashup ).. Added five Kasabian songs to its playlist Around this time Lionel Vinyl remix ) 18 4 opens Things up that. Head Like a Millionaire 13 would Say despire a lot of same-old same-old content, it makes happy. Placido mash-up ) 14 bob Rivers – party ben mixes ' Round in Women 's Underwear.! – 1979 ( new Originals 1799 Mix ) 2 mp3 ( sorry ) incudoubt “. Sunshine ( White Label ) 15 Bare Bears and the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen ( self ).. Show itself would fall on Christmas eve which seemed the Perfect time to try Out all-Christmas! `` Burnin ' Down the Party ( Unknown Bootleg ) 3 – to the Taxmobile ( mashup. Cent – “ 7 Nation Army '' ( a Capella ) 11 You have it, and there this. Get Busy F * * Me '' ( Party Ben Old Skool ). Tour 2007 Experience vs. William Hung `` Hey Boy Hey Girl '' remix by )... Of Old and new, and the Family Stone – Dance with Me 3 and awkward, we.

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